Sunday, August 26, 2007


Every couple of months nature decrees that my eyebrows need a little cutting down to size. For this I turn to the experts. In all honesty this has very little to do with pampering and more to do with the fact that my approach to shaping is more akin to manic pruning with disastrous consequences.

Eyebrows have preoccupied my thoughts in recent weeks. The reason? I can’t find anyone to shape them and they are in grave danger of growing out of control - taking on an appearance a la Heseltine. (Ok, I jest slightly, but time is not on my side).

Frustratingly though I’m not asking for some complex electrolysis procedure. No, I just need someone willing to yank a few hairs out.

So three weeks have past since I began my search. Ironically even the trusty internet has failed to deliver the anticipated comprehensive list of phone numbers. Even my elation on finding someone who does the job was short lived as call after call I’m met by answerphones, people on holiday, staff shortages and overflowing appointments diaries. Just as I was about to resign myself to waiting out the holiday period page two of my umpteenth google search came up trumps…

….Of course I was totally wrong footed by the response that yes they did do eyebrows and yes they did have a space in 30 minutes. Grabbing my bag I shot out of the door.

There was a brief moment of panic whilst sat in the salon, they apologised for running late. Would they cancel? But I was going nowhere. I’d been waiting 3 weeks, 30 minutes was nothing. 15 minutes later I was heading out of the door with my newly shaped, deforested eyebrows, a contented smile on my face.

Their number is now safely stored in my phone.


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