Sunday, August 19, 2007


As it's been a little over 6 months since I added anything I thought it was high time I put pen to paper (well finger to keyboard) and wrote something.

To be honest it is a wonder I can actually type anything as every muscle in my body is aching. No I haven't got a dose of summer flu, I've started going to the gym where a woman called Cheryl shouts at me. Not in an abusive way, but to instill motivation in my sloath like body. The decision to get fit was spurred on my a number of factors - not least the fact that playing on the Nintendo Wii felt like a 45minute workout.

Needless to say my body hasn't reacted too kindly to this rareity known as exercise so I am walking around looking somewhat decrepid. But somehow still managing to hobble with a certain smugness.

I have been an absolute nightmare this week as every other sentence has contained the word gym. If only talking about it could burn calories - I'd have a size 10 body in no time.


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