Wednesday, August 22, 2007

X-Men & Anita Dobson

The irony that I’m going to Comic Con in Earls Court on September 1st will not be lost on those who know me. The extent of my comic reading began and ended with Bunty some 25 years ago and it is considered a significant feat of achievement if I manage to stay awake beyond the first half hour of a film.

Comic con is as I understand it a 2 day geekfest – a model buying and autograph hunting frenzy. Though it instantly gained kudos in my eyes when I found out that Dominic Monaghan and Bill Nighy were going to be there. Still, I wear geek glasses so should be able to blend in no problem.

I have been making a gallant effort to get into the spirit and bought a comic -Not just any old comic though (I’ve been informed that Bunty doesn’t really cut the mustard!), but X-men – which is apparently where it’s all at. Much to the other half’s (and indeed my) surprise I’m halfway through it…….didn’t realise X-men was so racy. Either I’m becoming prudish or it’s not like the cartoon version that used to be on Saturday mornings.

So with one week to go excitement is mounting – especially with news that Anita Dobson (her of Eastenders and big hair fame) is going to be there. Perhaps I can get her to sign my X-men comic.


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